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Shop the best range of wireless Gaming Headsets online with BPC Technology. Whether you’re a pro-level gamer looking for an upgrade, or you’re just getting into your first wireless gaming headset – our range has something to suit everyone. Shop the latest technology and enjoy an immersive, unrivalled gameplay experience with our range of wireless headsets!

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Project Enquiries

Are wireless headphones OK for gaming?

Wireless headphones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for gamers. Ease of use and a more comfortable (less tied down) gaming experience means that wireless gaming headphones have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. But how do they stack up to their wired counterparts? Here is a quick breakdown of some of the pros and cons of choosing a wireless headset for gaming.


  • More freedom of movement
  • More comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Sound quality has improved dramatically over the last few years
  • Built in microphones and noise cancellation is strong


  • More expensive than wired options
  • Require charging
  • Some sound delay on cheap headphones

All in all, wireless headphones are a great option for gamers that are serious about being able to game with complete freedom. But be careful, budget gaming headsets can compromise your gaming experience – so be sure to invest in something high-quality from BPC.

Do wireless headsets lag?

Wireless headphones will have a level of latency. In high-end headphones (like those ones that you shop on BPC), the level of lag will be negligible and completely un-intrusive to your gaming experience. If you experience lag with your gaming headphones, then there may be other factors at play that are worth looking into before going down a rabbit hole.

How are gaming headsets different from regular headsets?

Headsets for gaming are designed to be comfortable and durable for extended gaming sessions. Purpose built gaming headsets are designed for those long gaming sessions where you need a comfortable companion that will keep you in your sweet spot for an extended period.

In general, gaming headsets also have different sound features that are designed to accentuate the sounds that you hear in games and create a more immersive gaming experience. Headsets for gamers also feature built-in microphones and buttons that allow you to control the volume or mute the microphone so that you can control your experience. Some headsets even have special features like active noise cancelling technology and immersive surround sound which can improve your gaming experience.

Why should I shop BPC for gaming headsets in Australia?

Because just like you – we are gamers. Our team is comprised of gaming enthusiasts, which means that we choose products for our online catalogue that we love, and we know that our customers are going to love as well. As a general rule of thumb, BPC is different because we are an independent PC company that is run by enthusiasts – instead of people in a big board room. The end result is that we have a catalogue of products that we are proud of and that our team uses in their own gaming endeavours. If you’re serious about finding the best gaming headphones Australia has to offer – shop with the company that is run by gaming enthusiasts – for gaming enthusiasts.

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