Welcome to the Motherboards category at BPC Technology. Motherboards are the central component of any computer build, serving as the foundation for your system's performance and capabilities. Explore our diverse selection of motherboards designed to cater to various needs, from gaming to professional workstations.

AMD Socket AM4 2nd Gen

AMD Socket AM4 3rd Gen

Intel Socket 1151 9th Gen

Intel Socket 1200 10th Gen

Intel Socket 1200 11th Gen

Intel Socket 1700 12th Gen

Intel Socket 1700 13th Gen

Intel Server Motherboard

AMD Socket AM5 5th Gen

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Discover Our Premium Range of Motherboards

At BPC Technology, we understand the critical role a motherboard plays in the computing ecosystem. Serving as the PC's backbone, motherboards dictate the compatibility and connecting hub for all other components. It's where the CPU, memory, storage, and peripheral devices come together, ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're assembling a new PC or upgrading an existing one, finding the right motherboard is paramount.

Our handpicked selection features the latest and most reliable motherboards, including next-gen Intel socket 1151 9th Gen options, catering to various form factors like ATX, mATX, and ITX. Professionals and enthusiasts looking for enhanced performance and bulletproof stability will find our collection featuring top brands such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte, the perfect starting point for a robust build.

Pair your motherboard with high-capacity storage servers for optimal data management or safeguard your system with our robust power protection equipment. And for those wanting to get hands-on with the latest technology, our featured product, the ASUS TUF Gaming B660-Plus WiFi DDR4 ATX motherboard, comes with all the bells and whistles to satisfy the needs of the most demanding gamers and creators.

Choosing the correct motherboard can seem daunting, but at BPC Technology, our experts are ready to guide you to the best-in-class components that fit your needs and budget. Premium or budget-friendly, each motherboard in our selection is tailored to deliver performance, reliability, and the ultimate computing experience.

We invite you to explore the heart of computing with BPC Technology. With the best prices, friendly service, and lightning-fast delivery, your journey to an exceptional PC build starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motherboards

What is motherboard in a computer?

A motherboard is the central circuit hub that allows communication between all components and peripherals attached to a computer system. It hosts sockets for CPUs, slots for RAM, and expansion cards.

Which PC motherboard is best?

The best PC motherboard depends on your specific needs. For gaming, look for motherboards with advanced chipsets, while for professional work, consider motherboards with robust connectivity and support for high-speed storage.

What is the difference between a CPU and a motherboard?

The CPU is the central processing unit that executes instructions, while the motherboard is a platform where the CPU, RAM, and other components connect.

Do motherboards make a difference?

Yes, motherboards matter for system stability, compatibility with components, and potential for future upgrades.

What's the difference between cheap and expensive motherboards?

Expensive motherboards typically offer better build quality, more features, and higher performance potentials compared to cheaper options.

Does an expensive motherboard make a difference?

An expensive motherboard can provide better overclocking support, enhanced connectivity, and more features that may benefit high-performance builds or specific use cases.

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