Frequently asked questions

This Agreement was last modified on 20 September 2020

    • The windows license key should be located in a white envelope, open up, you will find the license key. Please gently scratch off the security cover.

    • First, make sure the port used is correct, if there is a graphic card in the PC, then always chose the graphic card output.
      Second, make sure the cable connected is correct.
      Display cable -> HDMI cable <-> DVI cable -> VGA cable

    • For newly installed HDD, windows will need format the HDD first, please search Disk management and select new Drive (highlighted in black colour), right click to create new volume. Follow the default setting, system will format the HDD and create one system volume.

      1. Please make sure the product is qualified and purchase date is in promotional period.
      2. Please register your video card with the participating brands (i.e. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI).
        A photo of the video card with Serial Number and purchase invoice from BPC Technology will be required for this redemption.
      3. Make sure correct name and email address is used for registration, this is important, as game code will be sent to nominated email address only.
      4. Install the video card into your PC.
      5. Install driver and update to the latest version with GeForce Experience, v3.18 or higher.
      6. Start GeForce Experience App then login to your NVIDIA account.
        Go to Account > Redeem (Located at top right hand corner on your screen).
      7. Finish redemption process. Make sure to redeem the code within the redemption period once you’ve obtained it.


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