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Welcome to the Home Security category at BPC Technology. The safety and security of your home and loved ones are paramount. Explore our comprehensive range of home security solutions, including security systems, cameras, alarms, and more, designed to protect your peace of mind.

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At BPC Technology, we understand the importance of security surveillance in today's ever-connected world. Our selection caters to all your needs, ranging from simple setups for small shops to complex systems for large-scale operations. Secure your premises with the latest technology in webcams and cameras, which are essential components of any surveillance system, ensuring high-quality recording and monitoring capabilities.

With the advent of smart home technology, our smart home accessories category includes innovative devices that can be integrated into your security system, providing you with real-time alerts and the ability to monitor your property remotely. Discover our exclusive range of Imou Home Security products that offer cutting-edge features and ease of use for homeowners and businesses alike. Enhance your surveillance with our specialised IP camera accessories, designed to elevate the performance and efficiency of your security system.

BPC Technology is committed to delivering excellence through our high-quality products, competitive pricing, friendly service, and expedited delivery. Our security surveillance solutions are robust and flexible, ready to face the challenges of modern security demands. Make uncompromised safety and security a part of your life with our extensive range of options that meet and exceed industry standards.

FAQs on Security Surveillance

What is the role of security surveillance?

Security surveillance serves as a critical tool in the prevention and detection of crime, providing real-time monitoring and recording of events. This acts as a deterrent to potential intruders, assists in law enforcement, and ensures the safety of assets and individuals.

What is the difference between CCTV and surveillance?

CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is a type of surveillance system that operates on a closed network of cameras. Surveillance generally refers to the broader practice of monitoring environments for safety and security purposes, which can encompass CCTV among several other methods and technologies.

What are examples of surveillance?

Examples of surveillance include CCTV systems, webcams, security cameras, IP cameras, smart home security systems, and access control systems. These can be found in a variety of settings, from private residences to public and commercial spaces.

What are the 4 types of surveillance?

The four types of surveillance are mechanical surveillance, electronic surveillance, static surveillance, and computational surveillance, each employing different methods and tools for monitoring and data collection.

What is the most common form of surveillance?

The most common form of surveillance is camera-based, particularly CCTV systems, which are widely used due to their effectiveness in providing visual evidence and their ability to be monitored remotely.

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