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Welcome to the Ex-Demo Products category at BPC Technology. Here, you can find a diverse selection of high-quality tech gadgets and accessories that have been previously used for demonstration purposes but are now available at significantly reduced prices. Explore our ex-demo monitors, laptops, tablets, workstations, and more to score fantastic deals on reliable technology.

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Explore Premium Wireless Chargers at BPC Technology

Discover the freedom of seamless charging with Wireless Chargers at BPC Technology. Designed to provide your devices with an indispensable power boost, without the constraints of cables, our range of chargers will keep you connected in an increasingly wireless world.

Our curated selection covers a variety of wireless charging solutions tailored to your lifestyle. From sleek and minimalist designs perfect for a modern home or office setup to compact and durable options for those always on the move, BPC Technology ensures that your devices are charged and ready for whatever the day may have in store.

Browse our multifunctional wireless chargers within the Laptop Accessories collection, furnishing more than just a power source, but a hub for your technology. In the realm of pure power, explore our extensive selection of Power Supplies, providing the energy your devices demand, safely and efficiently. To safeguard your electronic investments, delve into our Power Protection offerings, and for an innovative storage solution coupled with wireless charging, don't miss out on our Sandisk iXpand Wireless Charger Sync.

BPC Technology promises competitive prices, superb customer service, and speedy delivery, establishing us as your go-to for tech solutions. Shop now and join the wireless revolution with ease and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any phone be charged with a wireless charger?

While many contemporary smartphones come with built-in wireless charging capabilities, not all phones can charge wirelessly without additional accessories. Devices lacking this feature might need a compatible case or an external wireless charging receiver.

What are the disadvantages of wireless charging?

Wireless charging may present drawbacks such as slower charging speeds compared to wired alternatives, potential for excess heat generation, and the necessity for precise placement. Moreover, wireless chargers generally cannot charge through metallic objects or thick phone cases.

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging operates on the principle of inductive charging. It involves an electromagnetic field generated by a coil within the charging base. When a compatible device is placed on the charger, its internal coil responds to the field, creating an electrical current that charges the battery.

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