BVIP Is On the Way

Who We Are:

Welcome to BPC Technology! (Formerly known as Budget PC)
Back in 2009, when we launched our first website, we aimed to provide the best tech product selections and knowledge to our SMB customers.
A decade passed, we have become a recognised partner with many tech vendors, our products is now ranging from over 500 the biggest tech brands.
We’ve come a long way and getting bigger and better every day!

Our Mission:

Be the best on price.
Be the most friendly when service.
Be the Fastest on delivery.
To celebrate 10 years of success, and the launch of our new BPC Technology website.
We are proudly presenting our new BVIP membership program, and inviting all loyal customers who purchased from us before to join BVIP and enjoy members' benefits for 12 months FREE.

Project Enquiries

BVIP Members' Benefits:

Unlimited Free Shipping on Selected Products Range

Exclusive Weekly Deals

Free Warranty Shipping

Restocking Fee Waived

Price Guarantee

Early Access To Special Product Launch

  • Great Discount on Offer
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