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Welcome to the KVM Switches category at BPC Technology. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches are essential tools for simplifying device management, enhancing efficiency, and reducing workspace clutter. Explore our comprehensive range of KVM switches designed to meet your needs for controlling multiple devices seamlessly.

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Discover Premium KVM Switch Solutions at BPC Technology

Welcome to the dedicated world of KVM Switches at BPC Technology, where efficiency meets innovation. KVM Switches are integral tools that allow users to control multiple computers from a single set of peripherals, streamlining workflow and saving valuable desk space. Embrace the power to switch between systems with the ease of one button push or keystroke.

At BPC Technology, we understand the importance of reliable and high-performance computing accessories. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of KVM switches designed for various environments, from personal home offices to large-scale businesses. Enhance your setup with our selection of KVM Accessories and ensure seamless operation and connectivity.

Our array of KVM switches is compatible with numerous systems and setups, providing versatility for your networking needs. Browse our Networking category for top-quality equipment to maintain excellent communication between your devices. And, with our expansive assortment of high-quality Memory solutions, you can up grade the performance of your systems in unison with your KVM switch.

Whether you're looking to manage multiple servers or simply aim to enhance your multitasking capabilities, BPC Technology has you covered. Discover our highlight product, the Serveredge 2-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Audio & Remote, for an effective, streamlined computing experience.

Championing exceptional customer service, unbeatable prices, and prompt delivery, BPC Technology is committed to providing you with the best shopping experience. Unearth the perfect KVM switch and accessories that cater to your needs and enhance your technological prowess with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions about KVM Switches

What is a KVM switch used for?
KVM switches allow a user to control multiple computers using one keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup, enhancing productivity and saving space.
Are KVM switches obsolete?
Far from obsolete, KVM switches continue to be a staple in many IT environments, offering streamlined and efficient ways to manage multiple computers.
How do I share 3 monitors between two computers?
To share three monitors between two computers, you would need a KVM switch that supports multi-monitor setups or use separate KVM switches for each display.
What is the difference between KVM console and switch?
A KVM console includes a built-in display, keyboard, and touchpad or mouse, while a KVM switch connects external peripherals to multiple computers.
What is the alternative to KVM switches?
Alternatives to KVM switches include software solutions like virtual networking computing (VNC) or remote desktop software, although they may not provide the same level of efficiency for immediate input switching.
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