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Welcome to the KVM Accessories category at BPC Technology. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches are powerful tools for managing multiple devices, and the right accessories can further enhance your control and efficiency. Explore our comprehensive range of KVM accessories designed to optimize your KVM switch setups.

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Welcome to BPCtech, where your journey to seamless control and connectivity across multiple computing devices begins with our premium range of KVM Accessories. Dive into the convenience of streamlined operations with these essential add-ons, designed to complement your computing setup and enhance your productivity.

Discover the versatility that our KVM switches offer, enabling users to control multiple computers from a single set of peripherals. Whether for data centres, IT environments, or personal use, our KVM Accessories ensure you can toggle between systems with ease, minimising desktop clutter and increasing efficiency.

At BPCtech, we also understand the necessity of reliable power. Our power supplies are specially curated to guarantee your devices run smoothly without interruption. This selection complements our KVM Accessories, ensuring your setup is always powered on and ready for action.

Strengthen your connection with our range of networking equipment. Networking is the backbone of any KVM infrastructure, and our accessories are designed to provide robust and high-speed connections that align with your KVM setups, creating a seamless and integrated ecosystem of devices.

Enhance your KVM experience with top-of-the-line accessories like the ATEN USB Dual-Link DVI KVM Console Extender. Experience unparalleled visual quality and distance capabilities that redefine the scope of remote computer access in your KVM configurations.

BPCtech's dedication to offering the best prices, exceptional service, and swift delivery is mirrored in our selection of KVM Accessories. Explore our range, and you're sure to find the ultimate solution that fits your technological needs.

Are KVM switches obsolete?

No, KVM switches are far from obsolete. They are an essential component in many IT environments, allowing users to manage multiple computers from a single console, reducing clutter and streamlining workflows.

What is the difference between KVM and docking station?

A KVM is a device that allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse, while a docking station connects a laptop to standard peripherals and enhances connectivity options.

Are KVM monitors worth it?

KVM monitors, which integrate KVM switch functionality into a display, are absolutely worth it for those who need to control multiple PCs from one location. They are space-saving and ideal for multitasking in busy IT environments.

What tools are provided by a KVM switch?

A KVM switch primarily offers a set of tools to control, switch, and manage multiple computers with one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Some KVM switches come with additional features like remote access capabilities and on-screen display menus for enhanced usability.

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