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Shop a comprehensive range of HP Printers online in Australia with BPC Tech and enjoy fast, nationwide delivery on all applicable orders. From the more compact OfficeJet to the professional LaserJet systems, HP has a printer for your home or office. HP Printers make printing easier, giving you more time to focus on the quality of your work. With HP’s Smart Printing system, your machines will be one step ahead. Printing using HP  is more secure, productive, and sustainable than ever.

BPC Technology has an extensive range of printers to suit any home office. With in-built connectivity to HP’s smart app, you will have the ability to print the things you like at your fingertips. With HP’s cost per use at its lowest ever, you can get the most value out of your printer through BPC Tech. Are you looking for the final touch for the home office? Ready to upgrade that outdated printing system at work? Look no further than BPC’s range of HP Printers.

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Shop HP Printing Systems at BPC Technology


From LaserJet to OfficeJet


HP has a printer to accommodate anything from humble family photo printing to large scale office printing. With most printers now containing up to 2 years of ink in the box, you'll be ready to start printing sooner than ever. 


HP+ Printing 


HP+ is HP's own smart upgrade that enables your printer to become a smart device and use more advanced features. With interconnectivity between laptops, desktops, and even your mobile phone, you'll be able to print anything, any time. HP Smart App allows you to print and scan from the palm of your hand. 


With cloud connectivity, your printer will keep itself up to date with software updates and will be ready to print your projects at all times. HP Printers equipped with HP+ automatically detect issues with your connectivity and will fix themselves as best they can before you've even noticed connectivity issues. 


HP Printers can be easily paired with any device. You'll be able to send documents to be printed from anywhere. Print articles to read later, print your photos whilst on vacation, or even a to-do list on your way home. 


With the HP Smart app, you'll be able to manage everything to do with your printer in one place. You can monitor your ink levels, keep track of your HP subscriptions, and the security and connectivity statuses. Everything is easy to access. Anything print-related is readily accessible with the HP+ Smart Dashboard, available on selected HP Products sold by BPC Technology. 


HP Printer Range at BPC Tech


As part of our extensive range of HP products, BPC has a broad selection of printers for everyone, from home scrapbookers to digital creatives. Our range hits all price points. Whether you regularly print in colour or are printing hundreds of pages in black and white, HP has an option for you. The current models of printers available instore and online include:


  • HP LaserJet
  • HP OfficeJet


From Pro models to Enterprise, and other Multifunction printers, BPC's range covers all models. Shop the range today and experience the latest in printing technology. 


HP Printer Frequently Asked Questions 


Do HP Printers Have Security Features? 


Keeping your data secure is a top priority at HP. With HP Wolf Enterprise Security, the guard will always be up. HP's most secure printing software yet will free up the need for your IT staff to need to implement complicated security programs. HP Security for enterprises keeps your workflow secure. 


Select printers at BPC feature HP Wolf Security Service, so get in contact with a member of BPC Tech to see what security features the printer you desire has in built. 


What Do I Need to Consider When Purchasing an HP Printer? 


With the broad range of services offered by HP printers, you should consider your printing habits before committing to purchase a printer. If you are an infrequent home printer, you will only need a simple set-up, and you will save yourself money by avoiding larger printers that are optimised for high volume printing. For those looking to complete their office fit-out, a more advanced system is needed, capable of dealing with high volume printing jobs and multiple device connectivity capabilities. Some important considerations to make when selecting your HP printer at BPC Tech: 


  • Whether you need to print in colour 
  • How many devices you wish to connect 
  • The nature of printing you are doing 
  • Type of connectivity you need 


Before purchasing, consider when, how, and where you'll need to complete your printing. BPC Tech's in-house team are the HP Printer Australia specialists that are ready to provide as much assistance as needed to help our customers make informed printing decisions. 


How Long Does Shipping Take for HP Printer Online Orders?


Shipping costs for all HP printers will depend on stock availability and where you're located in Australia. Here at BPC Technology, we offer courier delivery as standard across Australia. We will send your printer packaged safely with either Australia Post or Fastway couriers.


  • VIC delivery generally takes between 1-2 business days*
  • NSW/ ACT delivery generally takes between 1-5 business days*
  • QLD delivery generally takes between 2-7 business days*
  • TAS delivery generally takes between 1-7 business days*
  • SA delivery generally takes between 1-7 business days*
  • Delivery in all other states generally takes 4-7 business days*


*Business days include Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. Some regional area delivery may take up to 14 business days. Delivery estimates are only provided on the assumption that the right Hewlett-Packard printer or printing accessories are in stock at the time of ordering.

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