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Since 2008, HP has produced their EliteBook range to meet the demands of businesses and workers on the move. The HP EliteBook is one of the industry leaders for all-round computing, and BPC Technology is proud to stock an extensive range of this ground-breaking laptop series. A flagship in the HP computing range, EliteBooks are the must-have accessory for the travelling worker. Boasting a robust design, high-screen resolution and plethora of extra features, the HP EliteBook range is prepared for any scenario.


The EliteBook is designed with the user in mind; with AI-based audio experiences, an ultra-slim profile and a well-proportioned screen containing crystalline resolution, everything is better on the HP Elitebook. BPC Technology has a wide range of EliteBook laptops ready to be dispatched today. If you are looking to make the most of your work on the road, then the HP EliteBook is the most impressive balance of value, performance, and portability that you can get out of a laptop. 

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Shop the HP Elitebook Range at BPC Technology 


HP EliteBook laptops combine size and power unrivalled across its competitors. Thin enough to be easily transported in a small bag and powerful enough to complete significant operating tasks, the EliteBooks are tough to match, let alone beat. 


HP EliteBook 800 Series 


The most popular series sold at BPC technology, the 800 series, sees a notable upgrade on the 700 series. Featuring an ultra-slim, aluminium chassis that is built to withstand the wear and tear of work on the go. The core range begins with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and an integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 GPU to match its boost in speed with unmatched graphics precision. 


The Elitebook 800 series is made for collaboration. With a world facing microphone and easy-to-use one-touch keys that enable calling without the hassle of setting up. HP's noise cancellation is in-built that allows unparalleled crispness in any conference and video call. Bang and Olufsen speakers ensure your sound can be heard when you want it to. 



So, who is HP's 800 series designed for? The EliteBook is capable of handling demanding software, including most video editing programs, as well as complex engineering software. However, its primary use is as a compact and portable workplace solution for workers and executives alike. The HP EliteBook is able to make audio, and video calls in the quality needed to keep operations going from on the go. 


Security Like Never Before


HP EliteBooks come standard with a diverse range of security features to keep you and your data safe online. HP SureView prevents any visual hacking from occurring on your laptop, as well as ensuring you are only sharing the contents of your screen with who you choose through its selective tint. With a camera shutter, you can confirm your webcam will be protected from any malware that might want to access it.  


BPC's HP EliteBook 840 and 850s come equipped with a fingerprint reader as standard. If the fingerprint isn't enough to keep your laptop secure, there is also an infrared camera that allows for facial recognition before logging on. Finally, there is the HP Smart Card reader, a unique lock that keeps your laptop secure in the event of theft or loss. 


HP EliteBook Frequently Asked Questions 


Which EliteBook Is Best For Me?


Every laptop under the EliteBook series would make an excellent choice for any professional. Each model in the range is dependable, so whether you are writing notes for university or using demanding CAD software or other programs, you'll find it meets your needs. That being said, you will not need to spend thousands on a laptop unless you feel you need the upgrades. The 800 series EliteBook offers upgrades over its lower-priced relatives, but don't feel you need to splash out on one to experience the seamless operational capacity that comes standard with HP Laptops. We recommend looking through the specs yourself and deciding how you want to use it, and if you need a bit of advice, the team at BPC Technology is on hand to help when needed. 


Which Is Better Out of The Core i5 And Core i7?


Put simply, a Core i5 will be less expensive than a laptop equipped with a Core i7. There isn't always a definitive answer to which is the better processing unit out of the two in each situation, and more often than not, it will just come down to your budget. Generally, the Core i5 will have fewer toned-back capabilities compared to the Core i7. On the other hand, the Core i7 will typically be better for situations that require more complex multitasking, media-editing tasks, high-end gaming, and other demanding digital activities.


How Long Will My HP EliteBook Take to Arrive?


Shipping time for HP EliteBooks of all models comes down to their stock availability and where you are located in Australia. At BPC Technology, we are proud to offer courier delivery as standard to our customers across Australia. We will send your laptop packed securely with either Australia Post or Fastway couriers.


  • VIC delivery generally takes between 1-2 business days*
  • NSW/ ACT delivery generally takes between 1-5 business days*
  • QLD delivery generally takes between 2-7 business days*
  • TAS delivery generally takes between 1-7 business days*
  • SA delivery generally takes between 1-7 business days*
  • Delivery in all other states generally takes 4-7 business days*


*Business days include Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. Some regional area delivery may take up to 14 business days. Delivery estimates are only provided on the assumption that the right Hewlett-Packard EliteBook laptops are in stock at the time of ordering.

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